Children killed in 2012

In 2012, the press reported the killings of 45 children:

Charlie Shiers 15-months-old
Bailey Allen 4-years-old
Skye 2-years-old
Muneeb Usmani 9-years-old
Rayyan Usmani 6-years-old
Hira Usmani 12-years-old
Sohaib Usmani 11-years-old
Maheen Usmani 3-years-old
April Jones 5-years-old
Ben Pedersen 7-years-old
Freya Pedersen 6-years-old
Junior Nkwelle 15-years-old
Kimberly Buckley 6-months-old
Kevin Ssali 14-years-old
Jack Anderson 11-years-old
Bryn Asnderson 3-years-old
Tia Sharpe 12-years-old
Lia Green 3-years-old
Nathaniel Brown 16-years-old
Ben Morutare 16-years-old
Sam Fuller 12-years-old
Rebecca Fuller 8-years-old
Charlotte Fuller 7-years-old
Jamie Heaton 2-years-old
Megan Leigh-Peat 15-years-old
Euan Craig 14-years-old
Duwayne Philpott 13-years-old
Jade Philpott 10-years-old
John Philpott 9-years-old
Jack Philpott 8-years-old
Jesse Philpott 6-years-old
Jayden Philpott 5-years-old
Mason Boots 10-weeks-old
Lily Sky Boots 14-months-old
Rio Smedley 4-years-old
William Jones 2-years-old
Riley Pettipierre 2-years-old
Casey Kearney 13-years-old
Abigail Laycock 8-years-old
Ashley Johnson 18-months-old
Haroon Bhatti 5-years-old
Holly Smith 4-years-old
Ella Smith 4-years-old
Jordan Smith 2-years-old
Mohammed Ismail 6-weeks-old

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