At least 154 UK women killed by men, or in circumstances where the principal suspect was a man/men in 2013.

  1. 2 Jan 2013: Janelle Duncan Bailey, 25 strangled by ex-boyfriend Jerome McDonald. He has been found guilty of manslaughter.
  2. 3 Jan 2013: Akua Ageman, 23, died two months after being stabbed in the chest and abdomen. Her husband Minta Adiddo has been charged.
  3. 7 Jan 2013: The body of Anastasia Voykina, 23, found. She had been beaten to death.  Her boyfriend Phillipe Loppes was found guilty.
  4. 11 Jan 2013: Myrna Kirby,57 was strangled by her estranged husband Terry Kirby. He was found hanged.
  5. 13 Jan 2013: The body of Suzanne Bavette Newton, 45, was discovered by police. Her husband Richard Newton was charged with murder.
  6. 13 Jan 2013: 86 year old Una Crown’s body was found stabbed and burned. Her killer has not been found.
  7. 19 Jan 2013: Virginija Jurkiene, 49 was suffocated. Daintos Doblys whom she had met for a date was found guilty of manslaughter and rape.
  8. 22 Jan 2013: Carole Mudie, 68 died 2 weeks after injuries sustained whilst having her handbag snatched on her doorstep. A 36 year old man has been charged with manslaughter.
  9. 22 Jan 2013: Chloe Siokos, 80 & her (separated) husband Argyrios , 69, were found after a fire.  She was dead before the fire started
  10. 28 Jan 2013: Debbie Levey was found dead, she had been smothered by her former boyfriend Philip Brown, who has been found guilty of her murder.
  11. 30th Jan 2013: Georgiana Stuparu, 23 was stabbed by Phillipe Burger. He was the boyfriend of her friend.
  12. 31 Jan 2013: Sasha Marsden was stabbed 58 times before her body was on fire and left in an alleyway by David Minto.
  13. 3 Feb 2013: Hayley Pointon, 30 was shot dead. Aaron Power, 25, and Aaron Newman, 24, were each sentenced to a minimum of 31 years in prison.
  14. 6 Feb 2013: Pernella Forgie, 79, was stabbed more than 50 times by her son Simon Forgie.
  15. 8 Feb 2013: Suzanne Van Hagen, 34, and her partner John Worton,37, were both found dead. Suzanne’s family were originally told by the police that she had been murdered, but they later changed their minds. The post-mortem in to Suzanne’s death concluded that on balance of probabilities, Suzanne had died from methoxyamphetimine toxicity with features of pressure to the neck. She had been suffering domestic violence from John Worton who also had a history of violence to previous partners. John Worton was found dead in a separate room from mixed drug toxicity.  Her family believe she was force-fed the drugs that killed her.
  16. 11 Feb 2013: Ganimete Hoti, 42, was stabbed 11 times. Her husband Muhamet Hoti has been charged.
  17. 17 Feb 2013: Samantha Medland was stabbed in her face, head, neck and torso by husband Ty Medland who she had left a month previously.
  18. 20 Feb 2013: The body of Alexis Durant, 42, was found in her flat. Andrew Hall-Venmore has been charged with her murder.
  19. 20 Feb 2013: 65-year-old Glynis Solmaz died after a prolonged assault as she was burgled. Alexandros Wetherill has admitted manslaughter.
  20. 21 Feb 2013: Dimitrina Borisova, 46, was stabbed more than 120 times in her neck and chest. Ex-boyfriend Erhan Mehmedov was found guilty.
  21. 2 Mar 2013: Victoria Rose, 58 was shot dead by partner Bill Dowling who then shot himself.
  22. 4 Mar 2013: Chantelle Barnsdale-Quean,35 was strangled by her husband Stephen who stabbed himself to try to cover up her murder.
  23. 6 Mar 2013: Susan Cole,54, was killed with a knife and a hammer by her husband Michael Cole after refusing to make a suicide part with him.
  24. 6 Mar 2013: Christina Edkins was stabbed as she made her way to school. Phillip Simelane has admitted manslaughter.
  25. 11 Mar 2013: Jennifer Rennie, 26, was murdered by husband Scott Simpson, 41, who also killed himself.
  26. 18 Mar 2013: Daneshia Arthur was stabbed to death in front of toddler daughter, by chef ex-partner using his kitchen knives
  27. Mar 2013: Pamela Jackson was killed by fractures to her skull and bleeding to her brain. Adrian Muir who was charged with manslaughter.
  28. 21 Mar 2013: Jeffrey Ash, 50, killed 83-year-old Ellen Ash before setting fire to the family.
  29. 27 Mar 2013: Mary Roberts was found sexually assaulted and strangled. Andrew Radcliffe has been found guilty of her murder.
  30. 4 Apr 2013: Joanna Hall, 30, died in hospital 19 days after being stabbed over 40 times by Steven Williams.
  31. 4 Apr 2014: Lilian Henderson, 86, died in hospital 3 weeks after being assaulted by her son Ian Henderson, 63.
  32. 5 Apr 2013: Janis Dundas was stabbed and had her throat cut in a sexually motivated by step-grandson Jack Huxley
  33. 6 Apr 2013: Sarah Groves, 24, was stabbed 45 times whilst travelling in India. Police said Dutch tourist Richard de Wit initially admitted the killing, though later denied it. Two years later, the case has not yet gone to court.
  34. 8 Apr 2013: Deborah Simister was killed by a wound to the neck which led to extensive bleeding. Her husband Roy Simster was charged.
  35. 9 Apr 2013: Lisa Clay, 40, and son Joseph Chadwick, 6 were stabbed to death by Paul Charwick.
  36. 13 Apr 2013: Dawn Warburton, 40, was killed by “compression to the neck”. A 39 year-old man was arrested and bailed.
  37. 17 Apr 213: Naika Inayat, 52 was killed in a petrol fuelled house fire lit by her husband Mohammed.
  38. 19 Apr 2013: Farkhanda Jabeen Younis, 32, was killed by multiple stab wounds and a cut throat.  Her husband Jahangir Nazar was charged with murder.
  39. 21 April 2013: Charlotte Piccaver, 23, and Darren Harwood were defending a friend who was being attacked by her landlord Mehmet Ozen, 41. Charlotte and Darren were both stabbed to death by Ozen.
  40. 28 Apr 2013: Irene Dale, 78 was stabbed in bed. Her grandson, Lewis Dale, 17, was found guilty of her murder.
  41. 29 Apr 2013: Heather Arthur was stabbed to death. Her husband has admitted killing her but denies murder.
  42. 29 Apr 2013: Salma Parveen was found dead. Her partner Mohammed Iqbal has been charged with murder.
  43. 29 April: Christine Baker, 52 was strangled by her husband Alan Baker.
  44. May 2013: The dismembered remains of Phyllis Dunleavy, 66 were found.  Her son, James Dunleavy, 39,  has been charged with her murder.
  45. 1 May 2013: Margaret Knight, 78 was shot dead by her husband Donald Knight.
  46. 1 May 2013: Mary Stokoe, 79, was stabbed to death by her husband, James Stokoe, 79.
  47. 8 May 2013: Sybil Sibthorpe, 80 ,was beaten to death by Lee Grainger, 41 has admitted manslaughter.
  48. 9-12 May 2013: Lisa Bennett, 39, was murdered by Kevin Flanagan,39 and Kathleen Salmond, 40. It is believed that they drowned her in a bath but her body has never been found. Flanagan received the longer sentence of the two.
  49. 15 May 2013: Margaret Mercati, 63 was strangled by her husband Robert Mercati who then hanged himself.
  50. 24 May 2013: Margery Gilbey, 88, was strangled and stabbed in the neck. Imran Douglas, 17 has admitted her murder.
  51. 26 May 2013: Georgia Williams, 17 went missing. Her body was found 5 days later.  Jamie Reynolds has been found guilty of her murder.
  52. 29 May 2017: Giuseppina Fazzani, 82, was killed in a fire that was started by Tuan Anh le, 22. He was found guilty of manslaughter.
  53. 1 Jun 2013: Myrna Holman, 76, was found dead. Roland Holman, 55 was charged with murder the following day.
  54. 2 Jun 2013: Yvonne Walsh and her baby son Harrison were killed through ‘pressure to the neck’. Her boyfriend Wesley Williams was charged.
  55. 2 Jun 2013: Krishnamaya Mabo, 39, disappeared after going for a walk. She was asphyxiated and found dead. Glenn Nelson was found guilty.
  56. 3 Jun 2013: Fatemeh Bostani, 43 was stabbed to death by her husband Abbas Nikabady. Two knives were broken on her body and it was thought he also used a third larger one.
  57. 4 Jun 2013: Reema Ramzan, 18, was found dead, she had been beheaded. Her boyfriend Aras Hussein was found guilty of her murder.
  58. 7 Jun 2013: The search for the body of Rania Alayed, 25 was called off.  Her brother and husband were charged with murder.
  59. 8 Jun 2013: Katie Jenkin died of head injuries. Her brother John Jenkin has been charged with her murder and that of their mother.
  60. 8 Jun 2013: Alice McMeeking died of head injuries. Her son John Jenkin has been charged with her murder and that of her daughter.
  61. 9 Jun 2013: Marianne Stones, 58 was strangled by her son Paul Stones who has been found guilty of murder.
  62. 14 Jun 2013: Lilima Akter Munny, 27 was found dead at home. Her estranged husband, Mohammed Liaquat Ali has been charged with her murder.
  63. 18 Jun 2013: Zaneta Kindzierska was stabbed to death by husband Krzyszt in front of their 3 children.
  64. 19 Jun 2013: Asma Begum died from a stab wound to the leg. Aseeb Rahman was charged. Police described it as a ‘domestic related incident’.
  65. 29 Jun 23: Linzi Ashton died from multiple injuries. Her ex-boyfriend Michael Cope has been charged with murder and rape.
  66. 30 Jun 2013: Georgina Barnett died from multiple injuries. Neighbour Thomas Brogan was found guilty of her murder.
  67. 1 Jul 2012: Louisa Denby, 84 died from multiple stab wounds. Her grandson Nathaniel Flynn has been charged.
  68. 1 July 2013: Susan White died from a fractured skull. Her husband Michael White, from whom she was separated, was charged with her murder.
  69. 1 Jul 2013: Kate Dixon, 40, died from multiple stab wounds. Her boyfriend Jonathon Tebbs has been charged.
  70. 5 Jul 2013: Denise Williamson was stabbed to death. Her partner Geoffrey Hemming has been charged.
  71. 7 Jul 2013: Sabeen Thandi, 37, was found unconscious and later died. She had been strangled. Her husband Mohammed Badiyuzzaman was charged.
  72. 9 July 2013: Louise Evans, 32, was subjected to over 46 injuries when she was thrown down the stair and smothered by her husband Alan Evans.
  73. 10 Jul 2013: Shivani Kapoor,35 was strangled. Her husband Manas Kapoor has been charged.
  74. 14 July 2013: Assia Newton, 44, was found dead at home. Her husband was found guilty of her murder.
  75. 16 July 2013K Katrina Wardle, 48 was stabbed to death by her 21-year-old son Mark Howe.
  76. 17 Jul 2013: Jane McRae died from a blow to the head inflicted by husband John McRae who then killed himself.
  77. 19 Jul 2013: Julie Beattie,24 died from injuries after a fire at her flat. Ashley Williams has been charged with murder.
  78. 20 Jul 2013: Rosemary Gill, 48 was battered to death with a blunt object. Her husband Nirmal Gill has been charged.
  79. 21 July 2013: Alexandra Kovacs, 25 was found dead ion a suitcase. Her boyfriend Laszlo Gyarmati has been charged.
  80. 22 Jul 2013: Jean Redfern, 67, was stangled to death. Her husband Peter Redfern has been found guilty the double murder of her and her daughter Sarah Redfern.
  81. 22 Jul 2013: Sarah Redfern, 33, was bludgeoned to death. Her father Peter Redfern has been charged with the double murder of her and her mother Jean Redfern.
  82. 29 Jul 2013: Keisha McKenzie, 28 was stabbed to death by Desmond Brookes in front of their 8 year old son. He also stabbed 2 other women.
  83. 31 Jul 2013: Linah Keza, 29 was stabbed to death. Her boyfriend David Kikawa was charged.
  84. 4 Aug 2013: Anu Kapoor,27, was stabbed to death. Her husband Rojel Haque has been charged.
  85. 6 Aug 2013: Mayurathy Perinpamoorihy was killed at home. Gobinath Vellasamy, 36 has been charged with her murder.
  86. 8 Aug 2013: Caroline Parry was shot. Her husband also was shot. Since recovering, he has been charged with her murder.
  87. 3 August 2013: Michelle Giles, 43, had her throat slit by her long term partner Clarke Dean, 47. He has been convicted of murder.
  88. 11 Aug 2013: Judith Maude was found stabbed to death when police went to her home to tell her that her husband, Nigel Maude, had killed himself under a train. He had killed her.
  89. 14 Aug 2013: Gail Lucas, 51, was found with multiple injuries and died 10 days later. Her husband Stephen Maynard was charged with murder.
  90. 15 Aug 2013: Orina Morawiec, 25, was found stabbed to death. Farhad Safi was charged with her murder.
  91. 16 Aug 2013: Julie Connaughton, 57 and her husband Daniel were found stabbed by her daughter. He had murdered her before killing himself.
  92. 16 Aug 2013: Jane Wiggett, 57 was found dead at home. Her ex-husband Daniel Spencer was charged after a police manhunt.
  93. 24 Aug 2013: Sabrina Moss, 24 was shot. 2 men,  Hassan Hussain & Martell Ricco Warren, not thought to be known to her, have been charged.
  94. 25 Aug 2013: Betty Gallagher, 87, was found dead after a neck injury which caused her to suffocate. Her husband, Frank was arrested.
  95. 2 Sept 2013: Harjit Chaggar,69, was found dead. Abdul Hannan, Murshed Miah and Mohammed Liaket Islam, 28 have been charged with murder.
  96. 3 Sept 2013: Aamena Hussain, 29, was found dead. A man was arrested who had been bailed following an attack on her two days previously.
  97. 3 Sep 2013: Rosemary Shearman, 72 was found dead. She had been smothered.  Thomas Blazquez has been charged, he had tried to kill himself.
  98. 4 Sept 2013: Kirsty Humphrey, 23 dies from a head wound. Her boyfriend Mark Czapla was charged with murder.
  99. 8 Sept 2013: Lisa Banks, 46 was found dead from multiple injuries. Her husband Robert Tiffin was charged with murder.
  100. 9 September 2013: Anne Bury, 56, was shot in Turkey by her gardener Veli Acar,
  101. 10 Sept 2013: Lesley Eileen Chisholm-Lazere, died though consequences of a violent attack 15 years ago, Alan Joseph St Peter, had been convicted of grievous bodily harm and jailed before he died in October 2001.
  102. 12 Sept 2013: The body Varkha Rani, 28, was found buried in her in-laws’ backyard. Her husband Jasvir Ram Ginday was charged with murder.
  103. 13 Sept 2013: Amina Bibi was found stabbed. Her husband Mohamed Ali and his friend Frederick Best were charged with murder.
  104. 13 Sept 2013: Gemma Finnigan, 24 was found dead. Her boyfriend Daniel Johnson has been charged.
  105. 13 Sept 2013: Shehnila Taufiq, 47 & her 3 children were killed in a house fire. An 18-yr-old man has been charged with murder over the fire
  106. 13 Sept 2013: Zainab Taufiq, her mother and brothers were killed in a house fire. An 18 year old man has been charged with their murders.
  107. 20 Sept 2013: Marion Vita, 48 died after being found at her home. Glasgow. Her husband , Anthony  Vita has been charged.
  108. 21 Sept 2013:Mumtaz Sattar, 38 was murdered whilst on holiday in Pakistan. Her husband Abdul Sattar was later charged with murder.
  109. 24 Sept 2013: Betty Constable, 79 died in hospital. Her son, Nigel Constable, 51 was charged with murder.
  110. 26 Sept 2013: Tolu Kalejaiye was stabbed to death at home. Her 21 yr-old son,  Oludotun Emmanual Kalejaiye has been charged with her murder.
  111. 2 Oct 2013: Derisa Trenchard & husband Jonathan were found dead at home. She died of head injuries inflicted by Jonathan with a hammer, he then stabbed himself.
  112. 5 Oct 2013: Badri Dabir, 69 was found dead from head injuries. Her 42 year old son, Mohammed Badvie has been charged.
  113. 7 Oct 013: Junella Valentine, 34 was stabbed to death. The body of Kevin Ayton, known to her, was later found hanged.
  114. 12 Oct 2013: Ahdieh Yazdanparast, 46 died after being pulled out of a fire. Her husband Ahmed Yazdanparast was charged with her murder.
  115. 12 Oct 2013: Lauren Patterson, 24, from Kent, was sexually assaulted, stabbed and burned by Badr Abdallah al-Jabr in Qatar. Her remains were found dumped in a desert.
  116. 17 October 2013: Sandie Hardman was found dead at home. She had 44 injuries in total almost all were bruises spread all over her body including her forearms, shoulder blades and face. There was also a ligature mark across her neck. Ann open verdict was recorded in relation to her death.
  117. 18 Oct 2013: Amoe Stevens, 67, bled to death after being attacked in her home. 31-yr-old Mohamnud Yassin Yusuf has been charged with murder.
  118. 20 Oct 2013: Nicole Waterhouse, 25, was murdered and her flatmate stabbed. Jeremy Green, has been charged with murder & attempted murder
  119. 25 Oct 2013: Gabrielle Stanley, 28, was found alive but later died after being stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, Simon Hall who killed himself.
  120. 28 Oct 2013: Mariana Popa, 24 was stabbed. Farooq Shah was later charged with her murder.
  121. 30 Oct 2013: Josephine Steele was found dead in her flat, weeks after last being seen. Andrew Mckinlay has been charged with murder.
  122. 1 Nov 2013: The body of Jacqueline Parker was found. Her husband David Parker cleaned, wrapped and hid her body and told police that she had gone on a cruise.  She had  two restraining orders in place preventing him from contacting her when she died. A post mortem found an injury to her neck but proved inconclusive. The Crown Prosecution Service stated that there was ‘no realistic prospect of conviction’ on either murder or manslaughter charges’. He was jailed for one year after admitting concealing a body and preventing a lawful burial.
  123. 1 Nov 2013: Catherine Sandeman, 40 was found dead. Lee Hopsdal has been charged with murder.
  124. 4 Nov 2013: Ridda Zanab, 21 was found dead. She died of head injuries inflicted by her husband Danish Irfan.
  125. 5 Nov: Jade Watson, 22 was strangled. Her ex-boyfriend, James Grey has been charged with murder.
  126. 8 Nov 2013: Anne-Marie Birch was found dead. She had been strangled and beaten on the head. Her husband Lee Birch has been charged with murder.
  127. 12 Nov 2013: Olwen Dohoney, 86 was found stabbed. Her son, Stephen Dohoney is thought to have killed her before handing himself.
  128. 12 Nov 2013: Paula Newman, 20, died of head injuries after  being beaten by her boyfriend Kane Boyce, 34.
  129. 15 Nov 2013: Tracey Topliss, 47, was pronounced dead after being found with serious head injuries at her home. Edward Metcalf was charged with her murder.
  130. 18 Nov 2013: Mary Evans, 70, was stabbed to death in her car. Her brother-in-law, John Evans, has been arrested for murder.
  131. 21 November 2013 was the last time Angela Millington was seen alive. A body was found in June 2014 in salt marshes on an island off Essex.  She was identified by DNA in October 2014 and a murder investigation was launched.
  132. 20 Nov 2013: The body of Carol French, 73, was discovered alongside that of her husband Douglas Morton,61. He’d killed her then himself.
  133. 22 Nov 2013: Aisha Alam was found dead at home with multiple injuries. Her husband has been arrested.
  134. 23 Nov 2013: Faye Isaac, 39 was found dead.  A 51-year-old man has been arrested.
  135. 23 Nov 2013: Annie Beaver, 81 found dead. Her 80-year-old husband has been charged with murder.
  136. 23 Nov 2013: Rose Doughty, 72 was stabbed to death. Christian Darko, 41 has been charged with her murder.
  137. 28 Nov 2013: Sharon Hayter, 55, was battered to death with a claw-hammer by her partner William Owen, 55. He also murdered their daughter.
  138. 28 Nov 2013: Stephanie Owen, 29, was battered to death with a claw-hammer by her father William Owen, 55. He also murdered her mother/his partner.
  139. 29 Nov 2013: 35-year-old Poonam Kumar, was killed by  ‘compression of the neck’ and was found with her husband Sanjeev Kumar, 36, who had hanged himself.
  140. 3 Dec 2013: Jayden Parkinson, 17 was last seen alive. Her body was later found in a disturbed grave in a cemetery. Her boyfriend Ben Blakeley, 22, was found guilty of her murder.
  141. 8 Dec 2013: Vicky Adams died in hospital of stab wounds. Andre Bright, 29, has been charged with her murder.
  142. 9 Dec 2013: Mahnaz Rafie, 48, was found dead after a house fire that also killed her husband and mother. Mahnaz had been stabbed to death before the fire stated.
  143. 9 Dec 2013: Dolleh Joseph, 74 was found dead after a house fire which also killed her son in law. The body of her daughter who had been stabbed to death before the fire was also found.
  144. 10 Dec 2013: Anna Maria Thomas, 61 was killed by compression to the neck. Her lodger, Felix Gutierrez-Cortez, 34, was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
  145. 12 Dec 2013: The bodies of 40-year-old Caron Smyth and 42-year-old Finbar McGrillen were discovered in their home. A 33-year-old man has been charged.
  146. 13 Dec 2013: Jean Campbell, 53 was murdered as she walked her dog.
  147. 13 Dec 25013: The body of 16- year-old Linda Lietaviete was found partially clothed and with 7 stab wounds. Alvin Santos, 25, was found guilty of her murder.
  148. 14 Dec 2013: Glennis Brierley, 64 was stabbed to death at home. Her son Mathew Brierley has been charged with her murder.
  149. 14 Dec 2013: Kerry Powell, 36 was found dead. David Wilder, 41  was charged with her murder.
  150. 19 Dec 2013: Dora Matthews, 43 was found dead. David Douglas, 43, has been charged with her murder.
  151. 23 Dec 2013: Aftaben Khanom,74, was killed through multiple stab wounds. Her son in law, Mohammed Abdul Qayoum, 35 was found guilty of her murder. .
  152. 29 Dec 2013: Janet Lockhart, 29 and her 2-year-old son were found dead. A 32-year-old man has been charged with their murders.
  153. 29 Dec 2013: Shamim Gabriel, 33 was found stabbed to death. Her husband Richard Otunga, 37 has been found guilty of her murder.
  154. 30 Dec 2013: Valerie Graves, 55 was found dead in a house in Bosham, Portsmouth.  She had suffered head and facial injuries inflicted by a hammer which was found close by.  Cristin Sabou was found guilty of her murder in 2019.

Updated 1 August 2022

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  3. Hi I’m Jayden’s mum the 17 year old number 130 on the list was given ur web page by someone on our Jayden’s Gift fb page fancy a chat as I’m passionate about this subject too 💜

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  5. Femicide. Its like an epidemic. This list makes me sick. All of these men, I assume, at one time or another, said to these women “I love you.” Little did these victims know that these were the very men that would murder them later on. Due to the fact that any government pays little attention to the statistics of women who were killed at any given time, to me means that they are condoning it. The punishments for these crimes are more often than not very pathetic. The same goes for rape. Five years just is not enough, for example, and most of these pieces of shit get out early for “good behavior.” Good behavior…really? Think about it.

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  10. Thank you Karen, I was Fay Isaac’s partner of 9 years, she was robbed and murdered by a 51yr old homeless man in the gents public toilets! It is clearly a case of murder as the motive was robbery, her son Aaron and myself kissed her coffin on her last journey to gain her Angel wings on Tuesday 14/1/2014 at Brighton crematorium where she lost her life! The 51yr old man is walking round on bail till February as his solicitor told him to say no comment. We will fight all the way for justice for her. Rip Fay x

  11. I still find it very hard to believe that Gail Crocker (took pills in the car boot…) was a “suicide” and I think there is more to come in the horrible story of Rachel Osei (single mum child staying with relatives and runs out of her house on fire). thank you for doing this Karen adn as you say it shouldn’t be down to you to keep the tally.

  12. This is very needed getting data on women killed by male violence is so hard. I hope we can make the government listen however with their gender neutral approach to DV I am concerned it will take a big push to get them to tell the truth and identify that there is a problem with Male violence and abuse in our society.

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