What About the Men?

Male violence

What about the men? Part 1: This thing about male victims

What about the men? Part 2: Let’s look at the men

What about the men? Part 3: Can you give me a link to ‘Counting Dead Men? 

What about the men? Part 4: Talking about male violence (it seems like I’ve been here before)

What about the men? Part 5: Sex differences and ‘domestic violence murders’

Men and Feminism

Men and Feminism 1: Thanks and all but no thanks, I don’t want men in my feminism

Men and Feminism 2: Nope, it’s still neither for nor about men 




3 thoughts on “What About the Men?

  1. Some polite questions…

    If a trans man was killed by a man, would you include this person on your list?

    If someone asked you to not include their relative in you list, would you remove them from the list?

    • Hello Kenneth,
      1) If by ‘trans man’ you mean a female, then yes, I would.
      2) It depends on the circumstances but yes, I’ve done this on several occasions. I might put something like ‘Woman killed. Details withheld at request of relatives.’

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