82-year-old Palmira Silva was found beheaded in a garden in Edmonton, north London. A 25-year-old-man was arrested on suspicion of murder.  Police have stated that there is no reason to suspect a terrorist motive.

This is not an “isolated incident”. She is the third woman to have been beheaded in London in less than six months. On the 3 June 2014, Tahira Ahmed, 38, was decapitated. Her husband, Naveed Ahmed, 41, was charged with her murder. In April 2014, Judith Nibbs, 60, was decapitated, allegedly by her estranged husband Demsey Nibbs, 67.

Last year, in June, Reema Ramzan, 18, was decapitated by boyfriend, Aras Hussain, 21. The year before, in October 2012, Catherine Gowing, 39, was decapitated and raped by serial rapist Clive Sharp, 47. In March the same year Elizabeth Coriat, 76, was decapitated by her son Daniel Coriat, 43; earlier the same month, Gemma McCluskie, 29, had been decapitated by her brother Tony McCluskie, 36.

A beheading is no less horrific if there is not a suspected terrorist motive. Yet, 100 women in the UK have been killed though suspected male violence so far this year. Each of their deaths should cause outrage. That they don’t, that fatal male violence against women is accepted as one of those things that happens, that a COBRA meeting hasn’t been called to stop men from killing women, should tell us all we need to know about who is – and who isn’t – seen as important in our society.

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  2. Jose – if you look at the murder rates of the UK and Columbia you will see that Columbia is nearly 31 times more, therefore it is not that Columbian women are particularly victimised, as the murder rate for Columbian men is also so high.

  3. You are right. We need the kind of protests like those that have been made in Spain, where thousands go to the streets in a number of cities at the same time. But Northern feminists need also putting attention to the violence against women in the South. While in the UK you have 143 women killed in a year, in Colombia there were 637 in the first six months of 2014.

  4. Hello! Great blog! I love it. You are right; this society does not care about women dying from violence at the hands of men. That is the undisputable truth. It makes very entertaining headlines for some, and that’s about it because people are so desensitized about violence in this society as a whole. I read the NY Daily news everyday, and those articles are like horror stories! It’s always some woman or girl who has been kidnapped, abducted, raped, murdered, or something that happened of a sexual nature to them. The fact that this does not enrage people, and that they don’t see a pattern here of extreme violence being done to women baffles me. If men really loved and cared about us, this would not be happening in the first place, and the men would be outraged, and want to do something about this! Sadly, they don’t give two shits about us. Life is very precious, and it is very wrong for some misogynistic guy to want to cut ours short because of his own perversions. How would men like it if women were murdering them in astounding numbers and us women just shrugged it off, and victim-blamed them?!

  5. Yes indeed another male subjecting a woman to sadistic lethal violence isn’t important according to the boys in charge because this latest ‘incident’ wasn’t terrorist related! Oh that’s okay then we women needn’t worry about pandemic male violence against women because according to the boys in charge only acts of terrorism are important!

    As usual the boys’ myopic focus is on white male security and women of all races/ethnicities aren’t important because pandemic male violence being perpetrated against women isn’t a ‘terrorist issue!’

  6. I stumbled here by mistake. I didn’t realise for a good few minutes that this is a site for misandry. Good luck with all that.

    • Misandry?! Give me a break. These facts on the evil that men do are the real deal. Of course this is all disturbing to read and take in, but this blog is definitely not about putting men down for no reason. A staggering amount of women (mostly heterosexual) are wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to your precious men. Read the paper-the truth is all there about the atrocious crimes that men committ against women. Be aware, and beware..

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  8. “That they don’t, that fatal male violence against women is accepted as one of those things that happens, that a COBRA meeting hasn’t been called to stop men from killing women, should tell us all we need to know about who is – and who isn’t – seen as important in our society.”

    These events are between two individuals though in varying circumstances which is why they aren’t treated the same as a threat to the wider population from a group of people acting under the influence of an ideology.

  9. But this IS terrorism-related. It’s part of a 10,000 year reign of terror held by males over females. If the oppression that females suffer under global patriarchy is not an act of terrorism, nothing is.

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