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  1. I don’t know if I saw all that was available on that link, but certainly when I heard of the murder of Ann Maguire I did not think ‘it could have easily been a male teacher’. I do not know the exact circumstances of that attack, but I have no problem in seeing this as part of normalised male violence against women. When you see how teenage boys treat girls and women it is surprising that it is not more common.

    The naysayers certainly surpassed themselves in getting their point across in the most puerile and pathetic fashion, without managing to make a single decent point.

  2. Men ‘getting their knickers in a twist again’ because men refuse to accept a boy murdered a woman. Male violence against women remains a pandemic but still the men play three wise monkeys act and/or immediately become aggressive and hurl vitriolic women-hating insults at any woman who dares to tell them the real facts.

    Such male anger proves Karen Ingala Smith’s statement was true because men hate being told the truth.

  3. I did reply to some of those tweets but none of them were prepared to listen to anything so I didn’t waste too much time on it. I thought your response was very dignified Karen: a couple of retweets, a refusal to become engaged with pointless and abusive arguments and a sitting back and watching a lot of nasty people rush in and dig their own graves. I was so outraged by some of those tweets I don’t know how you mustered the self-control to not reply, but I think you were right to save your energy for more constructive things – people who tweet like that are not looking for a debate or an education are they…?! It’s upsetting having hatred directed at you like that, so I hope you felt all the support that exists out there for you at the same time. I’m really grateful you’re doing the work you’re doing, it’s essential work. With every other criminal act there is a rush to find and understand patterns, the better to prevent the same thing happening again, but with this particular crime there is outrage when that pattern is highlighted. It’s unbelievable. Lots of support to you.

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