UK women killed through suspected male violence January – April 2013

32 UK women killed through suspected male violence January – April 2013.

32 women in 120 days, that’s one woman killed every 3.75 days.

Janelle Duncan   Bailey 25 02-Jan
Akua Agyueman 23 03-Jan
Anastasia Voykina 23 07-Jan
Myrna Kirby 57 11-Jan
Suzanne Bavette Newton 45 13-Jan
Chloe Siokos 80 22-Jan
Debbie Levey 44 28-Jan
Sasha Marsden 16 31-Jan
Una Crown 86 31-Jan
Hayley Pointon 30 03-Feb
Pernella Forgie 79 07-Feb
Ganimete Hoti 42 11-Feb
Samantha Medland 24 17-Feb
Alexis Durant 42 20-Feb
Glynis Solmaz 65 20-Feb
Dimitrina Borisova 46 21-Feb
Victoria Rose 58 02-Mar
Chantelle Barnsdale-Quean 35 04-Mar
Susan Cole 54 06-Mar
Christina Edkins 16 06-Mar
Jennifer Rennie 26 11-Mar
Daneshia Arthur 30 18-Mar
Janis Dundas 63 05-Apr
Deborah Simister 45 08-Apr
Lisa Clay 41 09-Apr
Mariam Ali Shaaban Hussain   Khesroh 24 11-Apr
Dawn Warburton 40 13-Apr
Naika Inayat 52 17-Apr
Jabeen Younis 32 19-Apr
Irene Dale 78 27-Apr
Heather Arthur
50 29-Apr
Christine Baker 52 30-Apr

In addition to the 32 women listed, I am awaiting news regarding Mary Roberts, 50, found dead, suspected murdered on 27th March, an unidentified woman, aged between 18-22, found in Bierton, Aylesbury and the name of a 32 year old, found dead, in Coventry.

6 thoughts on “UK women killed through suspected male violence January – April 2013

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  2. All: gendernuetrallanguage is “The Poisoned Well ~ The Poisonous Language of Feminism.

    He would love nothing more than for women to stop naming the problem: male violence.

  3. Ah another apologist claiming male violence against women doesn’t happen because men hate women but apparently men murder women because women are ‘people!’

    Here’s some evidence concerning mens’ pandemic violence against women:

    ‘Domestic violence (meaning males who commit violence against their female ex female partner) is chronically under reported, however research estimates it accounts for 16% of all violent crime and will affect 1 in 4 women in their lifetime.

    It has more repeat victims than any other crime
    On average, two women in England and Wales are killed every week by a current or former male partner
    One in five women in Northern Ireland has experienced domestic violence

    Men do murder other men because of the male victim’s sex but men do subject women to violence and also lethal violence because the female victims’ sex is female.

    But despite all the evidence apologists will continue to deny the facts. If one believes women are just people then racism doesn’t exist or homophobia doesn’t exist because non whites, homosexuals and lesbians are all just ‘people!’

  4. Sad, but mostly meaningless. Murders do happen. While murder is bad, highlighting that the victims include women is rather meaningless. Women are people, and people face risks in daily life. There are 32-33 women in your list. Where is the list for men? How many men died? What is the rate of murders? If the population is 100, that’s one in three women that where murdered. If the population is 100,000,000 then that’s a really really tiny fraction of a percent that where murdered.
    The fact that women where murdered is sad. It’s mostly meaningless without something to compare it to.

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