We need to stop the hierarchy of dead women

2 British women and a third who had lived in London for 20 years went missing abroad within 6 days. All  three were found dead within 6 days.

130 Karen Cleary-BrownThis is Karen Cleary-Brown. She was 44 years old and had lived in Islington, N, London for 20 years. She had been missing in Jamaica since 25 November.  She was found dead on 3rd December.  A man who was working on her property has been charged with her murder.


130 barbara FindleyThis is Barbara Findley. She was 58 and from Kennington, S. London but had lived in Jamaica for the last 5 years. She was reported missing on 29 November. She was found dead on 5 December.



130 Grace Millane

This is Grace Millane. She was 22 and from Essex.  She went missing on 1st December whilst travelling in New Zealand. She was found dead on 9 December.  A 26-year-old male, who has been granted name suppression whilst awaiting trial, has appeared in court  in relation to her death.



How many of those names did you know? How many of their photos had you seen?

The killing of Grace Millane is an atrocity, but no more so than the killings of Karen Clearly-Brown and Barbara Findley, no more so than the (at least) 127 other UK women suspected to have been killed by men (or where a man or men are the principal suspects) so far this year.

Karen Cleary-Brown, Barbara Findley and Grace Millane – 3 missing women, 3 women found dead.

The killings of women who are not young, not white, not killed on holiday, not killed by a stranger should  be no less shocking or upsetting. They are not less worthy of media or public attention or mourning. We need to stop the hierarchy of dead women.

5 thoughts on “We need to stop the hierarchy of dead women

  1. British media reports on these murders because we are a predominantly white country. Whilst I do not condone this way of thinking white people care more about white people. This includes women.

    A lot of men who are murdered are also not reported on because it won’t be as shocking and cause a massive uproar which is good for TV ratings.

    The fact is though the media is not sexist or racist. We as people are, all of us. The media just does what makes them money.

  2. Hear hear Karen – radical feminists have always challenged men’s women hating malestream media for their vile constant sensationalising of certain cases wherein a male.males has/have murdered a woman/women. Men have always claimed there are certain women who ‘don’t deserve to die and other women who are mens’ disposable non-humans.’ Malestream media has a two pronged focus – sensationalise certain cases of male violence against women and/or portray the murdered women as ‘causing their own deaths!’

    Radical Feminists have also documented how men’s malestream media constantly portrays female murder victims as ‘sexualised commodities’ not female human beings. Note too the male perpetrators are always portrayed as either ‘monsters’ or else ‘poor innocent males who magically suffered 20 minutes or more loss of control’ which supposedly exonerates the women-hating males of the crime of murdering a woman/women!

  3. Thank you for posting this. Karen Cleary-Brown was my husband’s stepmother. I didn’t really know her (my husband was already an adult when his parents divorced), but the awfulness of her death is hard for me to comprehend. When I saw the front-page coverage of Grace Millane’s disappearance, I felt terrible for her family, but I couldn’t help thinking that Karen’s family had suffered just as much. We all know why one disappearance was considered more newsworthy than the other.

    The relatively minor coverage Karen’s disappearance and death have received has been refracted almost entirely through her relationships with men. While my father-in-law was in Jamaica, another man who claimed to be Karen’s partner began talking to the press and posting cliche-ridden updates on social media. I don’t know who this man is or if he was actually in a relationship with her (he provided photos of them together, but they appear to be old), but he was certainly not her next of kin, despite presenting himself as such. The media didn’t do any independent reporting and simply repeated his account wholesale. After Karen’s death was confirmed, my father-in-law gave his own interview to the Press Association. By that point most news outlets were already losing interest, but of those follow-up articles that have appeared, some have devoted as much space to the conflicting claims of my father-in-law and this other man as they have to Karen herself.

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