3 thoughts on “alan idva3

  1. I did read the final paragraph which attempts to add some balance but the body of your text is making some argument to persuade the reader Women are worse off than men, it is worse for women or they are treated worse. I don’t agree. I think the article should be focussing on the issues for “victims” and the need for effective support and not on trying to minimise the experiences of men by restating the experience of women.

    Consider this. If a Man is convicted of assaulting or killing a Woman he is segregated in prison for his own safety from the other prisoners. If a woman is convicted of assaulting or killing a Man she is not segregated and is revered by other prisoners.This is fact having worked in Men’s and Women’s prisons. Men are not always better off. It is still customary for Women and Children first in a ship wreck, how does that fit in with Women wanting to be treated as equal. Please maintain more of a balance in your argument.

    I want support for all victims regardless of gender and would never consider arguing over the impact of the abuse on the victim whether they were male or female, we would not do this over the issue of race or colour. Would you be so keen to discuss the statistics of disabled victims over able bodied victims?

    Statistics do not help victim’s effective equality of care, information and support help victims.

  2. Feminist attitudes towards male victims is putting male victims at risk and putting up a barrier to men coming forward. It serves no helpful purpose. What are you afraid of? Are you worried it will diminish the role of women? I am puzzled by your attitude. Domestic Violence is NOT A GENDER ISSUE, any victim whether male or female should have equal access to support and services and more important Government funding, your attitude is what contributes to the disparity in support. It really is time to get over it and accept it and move on. Statistics do not help victims.

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