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  1. About 70% of UK violent crime is done by people who have some form of head or head>neck injury. Their mugshots show evidence of this because their eyes exhibit Horners Syndromw – a light or positional discrepancy between them.

    The injury is often vascular related, which means it can be mended, that is provided psychiatrists allow neurologists to examine and operate on the criminals.

    Barriers to this are tied up with the public’s insistence on recriminative justice, but no amount of that will reverse the original organic damage causing people to lose empathy, logic, correct judgement, ability to concentrate and to express themselves and remember how they want to.

    Leeds jail is researching the relationship between violent crime and head and head>neck injuries, and there is similar research at Swansea University. But until head hitting is banned, and all school leavers examined for a predisposition to be violent, the analysis will continue but to no avail. There is also the Bandura Effect – childhood observational learning which makes them more likely to kill people when they are adults, that is through watching adult violence. Anyone exhibiting both of these syndromes needs intensive treatment including de-hypnosis, otherwise, in the wrong circumstances they will maim and kill.

    Good luck with your work.

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